Once upon a time a lady travelled the world and loved the adventure of new places, cultures and loved meeting new people but when she got off the airplane in a new time zone she suffered while jet lag robbed her of her adventures. Every day when the sun came up she would have headaches, indigestion, be lethargic and fatigued. As the sun set she would be restless and sleepless and generally unwell. She tried many suggestions that just did not work One day she decided it was all too much and began to search the world for a solution. With a passion for natural therapies she looked everywhere. Because of this she uncovered an ancient natural technique that she adapted and began to use with great success. Because of that she began sharing it with family and friends and eventually there were rows of fellow travellers on the airplane that would arrive in the new place and time zone without feeling unwell. This technique worked so well that finally she wanted to share it with the world. She developed a phone app and put it into the store. So now anyone can travel to new places and time zones and get off airplanes feeling happy, well and ready to enjoy their adventures because they are JetLagFree.
Jet lag is a result of taking yourself from one timezone into another too quickly for your body to adjust.
When you add travel fatigue, dehydration and altitude associated with travelling on airlines it can leave you feeling unwell for days.
Wikipedia estimates it takes one day of ajustment for each time zone crossed. This means it can take some people over a week to feel well in a new timezone. With holiday or business time being precious who wants to waste the first week of an adventure on jet lag symptoms?

The easy to use phone app is a one time download and you can use it as many times as you wish. And all without in app ads or further purchase. You get the entire system working for you in one download.
Beautiful graphics and ancient medicine combine with complex backend calculations to provide you with a series of easy in-flight tapping treatments that can be dicreetly competed in your seat. Alerts will remind you and a progress page will show you how many of your 12 treatments you have completed. All you need to do is select your timezone and begin.

For the price of a cup of coffee and a total of less than 30 minutes of treatment is it worth a try to arrive JetLagFree?

Apple Device.

Apple iOS, ipad and mini ipad

Android Version Available

Android Version Available
Now in the Amazon Book Store

This ebook is about how you can increase your international holiday or business time, EVERY time by claiming back your flight recovery time. Free yourself and those you travel with from the effects of Jet Lag! This book describes the history of how the above apps have come about and the system JetLagFree would like to share with the world.

Go NOW to download your copy to discover how this complex system works for you and how it was developed and adapted for the first world issue of Jet lag. For the curious you will even find a complete chart and how to calculate your own journey.

Free From Jet Lag, Naturally. Author Gerarda Mader. Ebook Now available in Amazon. Full story of how the concept was adapted and information on how to complete yur treatments. Take me to the store now.
JetLagFree Now available on the App store. Download mine NOW.
Coming to the Google Play store soon!

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